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This post is specifically intended for those of you who are dedicated readers of my blog. I wanted to give you an update on a couple of things that have transpired since I ‘finished’ my book.

First –

Thanks again for all of the incredible support you gave to me throughout the process. Truly, I finished because of it.

Second –

Thanks so much to those of you who offered to edit for me. What a gift you are giving to me!

Third –

Those of you who have introduced me to published authors you know and/or people in the book industry – again, thank you.  I have reached out to several people and have received some really good advice.

The main theme of the advice and of the plethora of reliable internet information I have researched tells me that the publishing industry is in transition and I have to do a few things first.

  1. I need to build a bigger social media presence. Basically, that means I have to get more involved on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…
  2. Everyone talked about asking my friends and family to help build that base. It means that everything I write now needs to be shared as widely as possible – the intent is to see how ‘readable’ and ‘interesting’ my stuff is to the masses… it seems that without this base, most publishers won’t be interested. Our social media connections are directing how they see future sales. So, I am asking.
  3. I was on the right track with the idea of an eBook – they are cheap to self-publish and rather easy to distribute but again – it will depend on how wide of a REFERRAL net is cast.

So… I am going to be constantly asking for you to SHARE stuff. It’s great to ‘like’ something but it doesn’t get the same attention as when it is shared. If you are inclined to do so – that would be wonderful and you’ll get my sincerest gratitude – whatever that is worth. It’s the most valuable thing I can offer at this point.

I realized that as I wrote about meeting Harlan and falling in love with him that it was triggering murky feelings I have about the very real potential of losing him to cancer. It was easy to write about all the other parts of my life because they are old memories – processed and moldy by now. But, my life with Harlan is ongoing and as I watch him struggle with his illness, it highlights energy that is not yet completely processed and so… it was important to end the story where it was. We are talking about how to write about the challenges of living with cancer; with a terminal illness and when we agree on how to talk about it – we’ll share – as I know there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from that story as well.

In the meantime, I will continue to espouse thoughts about things I talk about in my client sessions (generally of course) and other musings that pop up. If you have a challenge or a question that you’d like me to address – of course, that would be great too! I love writing prompts especially when I know they are relevant to someone.

Middle daughter Erin is moving to California next week and I will be making the road trip with her. Frank suggested that it may indeed create the fodder for my ‘next’ book (haha). We will be traveling the southern route across the US since it will be January with lots of unpredictable winter weather and stop to see some family along the way. I expect to write a bit while I take a passenger turn but I also anticipate just spending quality time with my middle daughter before our time together turns into electronic visuals and voice calls.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday and take the time to acknowledge the value of all the lessons learned in 2016 while you also look forward to the wonder of 2017’s unknown blessings.

Again, starting with tomorrow’s post – (not this one) – any and all SHARING you do is tremendously appreciated.

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  1. Any way I can help you to further spread your story will be my pleasure – I’d like to share this latest post with my sister Joyce, she has just finished a book as well and the two of you might just have information to share. LOVE what you have done my dear… just love it!

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