Celebrating Transformation – Thoughts on Spring

“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”
— Pablo Neruda

“Oh my!” This is a great quote from a poem in Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair and inspires wonderfully provoking thoughts of transformation in my mind.

Today is May Day, a traditional celebration of Spring but has become more associated with Labor in other parts of the world (similar to Labor Day in the US). I don’t usually think of it and personally, I don’t recognize it as a ‘holiday’ per se but I know that it is a ‘bank holiday’ in France as my son works there and has the day off.

I like the idea of celebrating Spring; rebirth, new growth, and emerging beauty.

Not to say that the other holidays we celebrate aren’t wonderful themselves but I am thinking today that celebrating Spring in the spirit of rebirth is a fantastic tradition – worth cultivating.

Spring – in my mind – is an energizing time. Think about it… we ‘spring’ forward in time as we move into Daylight Savings Time. Many of us set out to ‘spring’ clean our homes (not me). We do a ‘spring’ clean-up in our yards to prepare our lawn and gardens for the growing season (me).

Spring is when begin to anticipate flowers on trees and the leaves that follow. I look forward to the Azaleas, the tulips, and the Iris that my mother loved. The landscape dramatically moves from brown and grey to bright green, pink, yellow, and lavender inciting a silent vigor that becomes palpable.

Since more babies are born in the third quarter of the year than in any other time period – Spring is when we may begin to notice expectant mothers and wonder what was in the water.

Birds, rabbits, and people all begin to set out and explore beyond their winter confines. In my neighborhood alone, there are more people out and about this past weekend than throughout the entire winter period. Although I stand to consider that my perception is only because I have finally opened the windows and take note when the sound of laughter or conversation filters into the house.

I notice how freeing it is to slip on my sandals and leave the house without a coat leaving both my feet and arms free to feel the mild breeze moving against my exposed skin and warmed by the sun’s glow.

A deep breath of the fresh Spring air recharges me, seemingly carried across the landscape by fierce March winds and deposited firmly so that we have a renewed supply with which to begin the season. And its smell – after a light warm rain – for some reason, reminding me of sheets dried by sunshine and light breezes. If it were a perfume, I would name it Simply Fresh and I would be inclined to snuggle into someone who smelled like a soft Spring rain.

And so, on this May Day, I hope that you will take a moment and think about rebirth… new things… and growth. Think about what it may mean in your life, in your journey, and/or perhaps in your spirit – and celebrate!

Is there a Spring transformation happening in your thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Transformation – Thoughts on Spring

  1. For me May Day is the celebration of my retirement; anti Labor Day, if you will. My kickoff to Spring and the rejuvenation of good weather activities.

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