365 Ways to live Easier, Happier, & More Productive; #362

My goal, for those of you who are curious, is to share a daily life lesson, tip, or hack. They are the things I want my children to know and the things that I teach to clients. They are the things that make my life easier, happier, and more productive. I hope you’ll follow along and find them helpful too.


One Deep Breath

Just one. A deep breath gives you a moment – often a necessary moment – to pause and collect. It can be used in almost every situation I can think of for that extra second, we may need to self-monitor.

Use a deep breath when you are a listener. Allow a breath to exist between the time a speaker stops speaking and your response. It provides the perception that you are intent on the speaker’s content as well as offers your mind valuable time to process what was spoken, fortifying your ability to respond well.

Use a deep breath to reset your adrenalin as you feel it increasing during an arousal state in an argument or political conversation. Anytime I sense my energy increasing at an inopportune time, I utilize one simple deep breath to reset it and get present.

The time it takes you to deeply inhale and slowly exhale provides your mind with an opportunity to organize thoughts. It’s an effective coping mechanism during a disagreement, a momentary memory lapse, or to calm an overwhelming flash. Our brain has an amazing ability to process tons of information in just those few seconds and can make the difference between over-reacting and staying silent.

Take one deep breath.

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