#359 of 365 Ways to live Easier, Happier, & More Productive

My goal, for those of you who are curious, is to share a daily life lesson, tip, or hack. They are the things I want my children to know and the things that I teach to clients. They are the things that make my life easier, happier, and more productive. I hope you’ll follow along and find them helpful too.


Sticky Notes

Use them everywhere! Students know this of course, and perhaps it was during my time as a graduate pupil that I discovered the absolute value of having a little piece of paper that would stay wherever I wanted it to be. Of course it was great for books – I used them as bookmarks for important points, to keep track of research, and to denote piles of reference materials.

A short note on the door to remember my keys, phone, purse, lunch, yada, yada… the usual.

And then I discovered that I could use them to remind me of ALL The things I wanted to remember or more importantly… learn.

When I wanted to be more kind to myself the sticky notes would be little notes of inspiration; “you’ve got this”, “do your best today”, and “don’t worry about it”.

If I was trying to turn my inner voice into more positive and encouraging self-talk, the notes would say “Just do it!”, “Your best is good enough”, and “Keep going”.

If I was working on a new mantra it would be posted over and over…. “trust”, “be still”, or “let go”.

There wasn’t just one sticky note. No… it was wallpaper. It was a whole pad of sticky notes displayed one after another in the places that I was most likely to see them several times throughout the day.

Over the kitchen sink.

On the wall in front of the toilet.

Near and ON my computer monitor.

The drawers in my closet.

The lampshade next to my bed.

Duplicates and bold colors to grab my attention.

Learning something new – retraining the mind takes repetition and time. I used sticky notes like hands free index cards and just glanced at them over and over until my brain automatically saw it without looking and I knew it was solidly in there.

It’s a technique I talk about often and I know many clients use it successfully… it’s pretty basic but it works.

Sticky notes.

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments below.


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