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Start a new tradition

Today is Easter Sunday. I hope it is a day of peace and joy for you, regardless if it is a religious holiday, or not.

It’s a great day to honor old traditions, be it finding Easter eggs and baskets, going to Church and celebrating Christ’s rise into Heaven; or drinking mimosas and eating lamb. Perhaps you dress up and spend the day with family. Maybe you have ditched all the standard traditions and wonder how to make this Christian holiday one that is meaningful for you.

It’s a great day to start a new tradition. Focus on brunch instead of dinner. Make ham sandwiches and go on a picnic. Fill plastic eggs with treats and distribute them in a pediatric ward of your local hospital. Maybe it could be a day when you all ‘unplug’ from electronics and spend the day playing games with your family.

Regardless of whether or not you acknowledge the religious aspect of Easter, it’s a great day to begin doing something meaningful – to add a new element, a different spin – on the day.

Traditionally, Christians celebrate the ascension of Christ into the Kingdom of Heaven. If Christianity is your thing – really celebrate! Throw a party. Do something in the spirit of Christ.

If you follow a path other than Christianity but find that most of the world is shut down and you have the day off… do something a little different. Celebrate your family, your faith, or your community. Begin a tradition of your own – one that takes advantage of your day off.

Take stock of how you spend the day and consider the possibilities if you were to …

Start a new tradition.

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