#334 of 365 Ways to live Easier, Happier, & More Productive

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Play with puppies (or babies)

Playful puppies and happy babies are two of the most smile inducing things on the planet. The joy we experience by engaging with either is equivalent or better than Christmas morning for many.

While some of us know firsthand, the mental and physical health benefits of having a pet, others may not have the lifestyle or the ability to house an animal full time. And yet, the mere act of playing with a puppy brings a smile to even the most disgruntled canine evader; especially if none of the responsibility is imminent. There is an innocence and a joy that is exuded without effort from a young pup; one that is instantly absorbed into our hearts and perhaps reminiscent of our own youth.

Likewise, a content baby delivers a shot of happy with every coo and giggle. The delight broadcasted from a tiny human with no worries in the world reminds us of the purity of life… the time before the world tried to tell us who we needed to be, how we need to be it, and then disapprovingly – suggested that we may fail.

I’m not suggesting that we run out and adopt puppies or babies (although if you have the desire, time, and resources – by all means…) but it IS a suggestion to volunteer with either population in the capacity of a sitter, a helper, or rescue. If nothing else – hang out at Pet Smart for an hour with the intention of petting a puppy or two. The next time you find you are having a bad day or if you need a little pick-me-up, find some space that allows you to …

Play with puppies (or babies).

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