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Take a class

What do you want to learn? Is there a hobby or a language that you’ve coveted an interest in? Is there a craft or a skill that you’d like to develop?

From JoAnn Fabrics to Home Depot; from community colleges to community centers; learning opportunities abound. Perhaps you’ve wanted a new wreath for your front door or a fresh tile backsplash in the kitchen… you can learn to do that. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn American Sign Language (ASL) or the history of the Vatican… you can learn that too!

Some travel organizations such as Road Scholars offer combined adventure and education in their group itineraries. Or, you could teach English and travel through organizations such as TEFL. That’s a little more involved than taking a class but it most certainly offers an amazing ‘learning’ opportunity.

At the very least, taking a cycling class at your local YMCA or an intermediate yoga class at your resident studio is forward progress; if we aren’t growing – we will die – just like every other living organism on this planet. Seek to find momentum in the advancement of your knowledge at all times…

Take a class.

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