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Make love (slow and deliberate)

What’s better than an hour of slow, deliberate, sensual, intimate time with someone you care deeply for? In this day and age of fitting in work, kids, activities, house stuff, and relationships… the time we allow for connecting intimately is significantly reduced.  The time an average couple spends engaged in the act of ‘sex’ ranges from 5.4 minutes to 19.2 minutes and that probably does not include the ‘quickies’ that exist in some relationships.

Let’s face it… wake up sex is generally a good way to start the day but it’s typically not romantic, soft, & slow. We tend to get right to the tasks at hand. Copulation that takes place at bedtime during work weeks can be somewhat perfunctory; meeting the most basic of needs. Can you remember the last time you took an hour or more to savor the experience of sensual pleasure with your partner?

Research indicates that having sex once a week with a caring partner will increase happiness. Imagine the happy boost if that once-a-week interaction is fully engaging and completely satisfying. Imagine if you were to make time for titillating foreplay and afterglow snuggling on a regular basis. Can you fathom the cohesion that develops between you and your partner?

Take the initiative and the time to engage with your mate the way that you did in the beginning of your relationship. Get to know one another again in an intimate way… double check assumptions about pleasures and preferences; introduce something sexy and new. Demonstrate your affection, desire, and dedication by…

Making love (slow & deliberate).

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