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Start a group

Groups of like minded people are fun, powerful, & meaningful. We are happier humans when we are connecting to people who share similar interests be it literature, games, athletics, or any particular interest. As we mature and change, our interests may also evolve; effectively diverging us from the interests of our existing social circle. While we don’t have to completely disengage from those established connections, it is important to engage new ones where our shifted ideologies can be supported and grown.

The internet makes this especially easy with online groups that connect people in almost any stake one may imagine. If personal interaction is more desired, the internet again can introduce us via sites such as Meetup.com where people with a variety of interests can connect in their locale.

Groups allow us to experience connectivity. We problem solve, when necessary, when we have the ability to draw from different perspectives. Group membership grows our tolerance and acceptance attributes. We learn how to receive and open our opportunities to give when we belong to a group.

Instead of sitting at home feeling lonely and isolated, anyone with a computer and the ability to type can begin a group to share their aspirations with kindred spirits. No matter the topic – one thing for sure is that we are not alone. We just may not have been introduced to another person who shares our taste for adventure or fun. This issue is easily rectified and fun awaits just as soon as you…

Start a group.

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