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Try Za’atar

I mean… we all have to eat – so why not make eating adventurous and tasty all at the same time? While some of my readers may already know and love za’atar – I’m rather new to this lovely concoction and I thought it necessary to encourage ya’ll to try it.

Za’atar is a blend of spices with a middle eastern origin, popular throughout the Mediterranean. As a spice blend, it is a mixture of dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, toasted sesame seed, salt, and sumac – some or all in various percentages depending on which part of that region you come from. In fact, families often had their own recipes and handed them down through generations; keeping it a secret. I didn’t have any trouble finding a recipe for it on the internet and a bottle was quickly found in the Mediterranean section of my local specialty grocer.

It’s often served with olive oil and pita, which is the middle eastern equivalent of garlic and spice with hot Italian rolls – really anything that you can dip in flavorful olive oil has me sitting quickly down at the table. My ah-ha yum yum moment came with za’atar smothered all over a roasted chicken. Just thinking about it now – my mouth is watering.

I would be ever-so-happy to hear of your special recipe or standard inclusions for this lovely new addition to my flavor cabinet; or even a quick story of how and when you decided to…

Try Za’atar

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