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Host a party

When was the last time you entertained for no particular reason?? We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, promotions and retirements, and weddings and babies. We come together for Tupperware, candles, baskets, kitchen knives, bake ware, leggings, and lingerie but when was the last time you had a party for no reason other than you wanted to party with a few of your friends?

We don’t ‘need’ a reason to celebrate friendship or to get to know acquaintances better. It’s as easy as setting a time and date; run the vacuum and swipe a dust rag (if you must); and pick out a great playlist. It can a BYO beverage, chip, app, chair, etc., or whatever you want it to be. It can be themed (think s’mores and a backyard fire), adults only, or a girls night out. I’m sure some of us can even make it totally impromptu – making a same day invitation.

Parties – or lessor defined ‘gatherings – can remind us that we belong; that we have a tribe, that people care. They can offer a needed diversion from stress, an opportunity to relax and unwind, and the potential for humor and camaraderie. If formality is more your thing… send invites, polish the silver, and pull out your most elaborate serving dishes.

Either way, the value is in assembling your peeps, winding down, and engaging in the social interactions that are a deeply rooted in our humanity when you…

Host a party.

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