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Fix something

As you look around your house, do you see something that needs fixed? Are you frustrated that it doesn’t work? Is it more of a hassle to think about fixing it than the actual ‘doing’ of fixing it?

A few years ago I got tired of not being able to drain my bathroom sink – the sink stopper had broken months before and it was that kind of thing that you completely forgot about until you needed it. I opened YouTube.com and searched ‘fix broken sink stopper’ – which, is actually called a ‘Pop-up Drain Assembly’ and found a dozen explanations – with videos – on how to repair it. After a quick trip to Home Depot for the part – it literally took 5 minutes!! I must have complained about it being broken for more than 5 months and it was a really super easy and quick fix.

My neighbor fixed her leaky toilet ‘innards’ in a similar manner without any significant effort. It seems that almost anything you need fixing has a tutorial available online. It may take rewinding and repeating a few times as we ‘catch on’ but technology makes that super simple and no matter what you want to repair… there’s a video to guide you through.

The sense of satisfaction that comes from fixing something yourself runs deep. Becoming your own handyman for those little things that are more nuisance than not is empowering – especially for us women who are sometimes less exposed to ‘repair’ experience than our brothers. Certainly – sexism in NOT intended here – only demonstration of typical norms; which, are definitely changing as years go by. Thanks perhaps, to those videos that offer teaching moments for those of us who didn’t get it by way of life. The point is – regardless of gender or experience, YouTube offers a tutorial so that you can …

Fix something.

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