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Build something

If fixing something offers a sense of accomplishment, then building something magnifies that tenfold. Starting from scratch is satisfying in so many arenas and construction is no exception. I’m not suggesting that you get all motivated and decide to build yourself a house – you may want to try something basic like a birdhouse – to make sure that something you build is inhabitable. Frankly, even birds wouldn’t nest in the first birdhouse I attempted; but it looked cute and rustic in my flower garden.

I was fortunate enough to have a dad that could fix almost anything and allowed me to get comfortable with a hammer at a young age. My little brother was so good, he took out part of a wall with nothing more than a Fisher Price plastic one. It made caused Dad to be more discerning about what he was teaching us!

As a joke, I received a tool belt one Christmas because I was apt to place a nail with my shoe or a stapler; whatever hard object was close at hand. It worked – but no doubt, jobs are easier when you have the proper tools. A tool belt kept everything I needed reasonably handy.

Once I was comfortable, I decided on a big project – a wall of built-in bookcases. I wasn’t overly anal about how square they were but at least I made sure they were level!  A talented carpenter I know once told me that “a little caulk and a little paint – make a carpenter what he ain’t” – so I knew that the imperfections of those shelves would be hidden away; mostly.

Each time I sat in that room I could hear a faint rendition of Helen Reddy’s “I am woman, hear me Roar” and smiled a grin of pure satisfaction. I built something I wanted and it looked and performed the way I hoped it would. I haven’t been as successful with other projects, but more than anything I have the sense of accomplishment that comes from trying.

What would you build if you were to …

Build something?

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments below.

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