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Stand up straight

At the risk of sounding like your mother, I think we can all use the reminder to ‘stand up straight’. The number of Americans who complain about back pain at some point in their life has crested over 80% and it is suggested that poor posture is to blame for a significant percentage. Since we’ve transitioned to desk jobs and electronic browsing – our shoulders curve and our heads are bent – throwing the natural alignment of our spines out of whack.

Bad posture is the culprit for more than back pain. There is evidence that it promotes Asthma (restricted breathing), heart disease, joint degeneration, and higher levels of stress. It is a leading cause of missed work and worldwide – back pain is the leading cause of disability. Improving posture strengthens the musculature surrounding the spine, keeping aligned properly.

I am particularly mindful of my own posture when I see a television news anchor or an interviewer sitting in perfect alignment (how long so they practice that so that it appears naturally?) It’s a reminder for me to square my shoulders and pull in my abdomen while simultaneously raising my chin Aligning myself perpendicular to the floor.

There are a number of products marketed to help you remember and/or strengthen the back muscles but in a recent review, the writer declared that they were mostly annoying and that the only significant solution was to pay attention and practice. Essentially – include it in your mindfulness regiment. It’s a little thing that can make a world of difference. Remember…

Stand up straight

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