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Find a great hairdresser

How many times have you seen a photograph of yourself and lamented about your hair? How many days do you glance in a mirror and feel a slight sinking feeling because your hair just isn’t how or where you want it to be? Have you ever browsed a series of photos, realizing that you’ve had the ‘same look’ for waaayy too long?

Hair is an important part of our overall appearance – unless of course you have none. One look at a photo of DT boarding Air Force One on a windy day is all we need to understand the significance of good hair. A good cut, good color, and the appropriate style for the shape of our face can make a great difference in how we perceive ourselves – and apparently… how others perceive us.

Using those parameters for good hair will typically involve a good – no… great, hair stylist. Unfortunately – finding one often means visiting several and experimenting a bit. But… it’s just hair and anything that happens to it (outside of catastrophe) will ‘grow out’, be it length, layers, or colors; so be brave!

I was often directed to books of styles and asked to choose one – my stylist would then accommodate my request by cutting, curling, or coloring my hair to match the picture I provided. The one MAJOR problem with this method is that my face never matched the photo. Had I cut a few of those styles out and tried to visualize them on my face, on my body – I might have saved months of regrowth time and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars – over time. Today at least, we can use Photoshop to try this method of style selection, or…

We could let the professional use their best judgment after they consider our hair texture, patterns, and face shape; not to mention the amount of time/money/energy it may take to sustain the style! Finding a great hairstylist may take time and money. The dude I’ve been using for 13 years now is NOT cheap and from time to time I have allowed other people to cut – thinking they could just follow ‘his’ lines – but NO! It’s never the same and I finally conceded that I’d rather drink less Starbucks and have him do the cutting. The trade off it totally worth it! Some things in life are just priceless so do yourself a favor and …

Find a great hairdresser.

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