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Paint your front door

What is the first thing you notice every time you come home? Does the entrance to your living space welcome you? Even on the dreariest of days, arriving home and entering through a doorway that is inviting and positively staged, can revitalize your energy.

It may be as simple as painting your front door!

When your point of entry “pops”, people (including you) are more likely to respond positively. Guests will feel welcomed and newcomers will be entering with a great first impression. Your personality can be displayed quickly and easily by using a quart size can of paint.

Think of a color that represents ‘happy’ to you and then step outside and imagine it on the rectangle that is your front door. Imagine how it looks with the brick, siding, wood, or stucco that covers your home… is there a color on that ‘happy’ spectrum that would be a nice compliment to your overall curb appeal? Is there a color that comes to mind that might strengthen your mood at the end of a long day?

I’m including a few before & after photos I pulled off the internet for inspiration and I’m sure we can agree that they are all fantastic makeovers – creating an inviting entry with personality and charm.

From the blog Bren Did

paint door_thumb[1]

From the blog Ginger Snap Crafts

Of course, there is a technique involved but with only a couple of pointers to keep in mind, the entire appeal of your home can be enticed. Using an exterior paint with a high gloss finish and a low nap (or foam) roller is most often recommended. Start with a clean door, lightly sanded, and primed. In as little as an hour the look of your home will be updated with your individual personality!

And remember… it’s only paint so go ahead and spruce up your entry by….

Painting your front door!

(I’d love to see the results if this post inspired you!)

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