#301 Honey-do Lists

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Honey-do lists

I am forever thinking about something that I’d liked fixed around the house whether it is a loose handle, a light fixture that needs updated, or a gutter repair that I only remember when it is pouring rain. Similar to the list I talked about in tip #356, I keep a running Honey-do list of little fix it / move it items.

Murphy’s Law states that whenever you have time and/or a helping hand – you can’t remember the things you’ve been planning to tackle. Keeping a running list allows you to write it down WHEN you think about it and offers your partner/husband/wife/friend – a starting point when an available hour or Saturday morning rolls around.

Extra tip: For items that have a due date or a ‘need by’ date – offer that piece of information in bold or highlighted writing.

I bought a new flush mount light fixture once that got stuck in the closet during a quick clean up. The item ‘install new hall light’ was on the list forever and seemingly kept getting passed over until finally, in frustration, I asked why that wasn’t getting accomplished. My partner didn’t realize that I had picked out and purchased the light – a communication error on my part that would have been easily rectified with a little notation on the Honey-do list as to the location of the new fixture.

Since H passed away, I am the fixer-upper person in my home but there are some items that require a handyman or another person as a helper so the list is still relevant. If one of my brothers, my son, or a daughter is in the house, I glance at it to see if there is something I need help doing. Even if it serves only as a task oriented maintenance list for the inside and outside of my home  – I still keep a …

Honey-do List

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