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Use a caulk gun around the house

Recently, a friend prepping for a big family gathering mentioned that she spent the day ‘caulking’. When I inquired further, she indicated that she has made it an annual habit to roam the house looking for woodwork that had settled and/or separated over the year.

While I am quite familiar with a caulk gun when I am constructing something (built some bookcases a few years back), I’ve never randomly searched for areas in my home that needed that particular attention unless I was doing a thorough paint job – which, definitely doesn’t happen annually.

Happiest of all Mother’s Day to the moms out there today!

When I built those bookcases I mentioned above, a friend share the tip that “a little bit of caulk and a little bit of paint, make the carpenter what he ain’t.”. I’ve never forgotten and believe me… there was a tube or more on those shelves.

After the discussion with my earlier friend, I’ve notice many places around my own home that were quite oblivious before that conversation. Little cracks appear in almost every baseboard and I’ve noticed a few window sills that can use some attention.

Remember that post about Honey-do Lists I posted last week? This task is being added without further ado…

Use a caulk gun around the house.

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