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Clean out / go through your jewelry or ties.

One of my daughters recently offered to help me get rid of all my turn of the century necklaces; an offer I refused because I’ve been around long enough to know that they’ll eventually come back in style. However, there are items in my jewelry box that definitely need to be discarded.

When was the last time you ventured to weed out your jewelry stash? Do you still have Holiday pins that are now tarnished? How many serpentine necklaces are there that were broken due to their delicacy? Would you be willing to take a bet on how many single earrings are in your jewelry box cemetery? In addition to many of those pieces, I know mine is large enough to contain some of the trinkets and treasures that my children bought at ‘Santa Sack’ while in elementary school; you know, the adjustable rings and pop bead necklaces they were so proud to present.  Something has prevented me from disposing of them until now.

Keeping a few key pieces and of course, the valuable or treasured items is a must but the rest can go. In some cases, there may be enough to create a different kind of treasure… Pinterest has a plethora of ideas.

Dudes have the same issue at times with ties. My dad’s tie collection grew annually and only a few of them were actually in style or matched his taste. Seemingly, ties are the gift given when we just can’t figure out what else works. Cheap ties tend to be wider and thicker than the good ones; meaning that they collect dust faster and end up in the back of the heap – forgotten.

My grandfather kept his ties (much to my grandmother’s chagrin) so long that he had a few classic tucked away in the back of his closet when Paisley made a comeback. That’s not to say we shouldn’t wean down the collection. Again, keeping some of the ‘classics’ is appropriate, or the one that only gets worn on St. Patrick’s Day each year. Maybe there’s even vindication for keeping the one he proposed in – assuming that someday there will be a re-creation photo session to celebrate a big anniversary. Other than that – keep only the ones that are clean and in-style.

This is one of those productive tasks that takes minutes but offers great satisfaction each time we open the jewelry box or each time we reach for a tie. Go ahead, put it on your master list

Clean out / go through your jewelry or ties.

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