#292 of 365 Ways to live Easier, Happier, & More Productive

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Create a vision board

This suggestion is a leading recommendation of life coaches across the country. It went mainstream when the Law of Attraction merged into Pop Culture. Even Oprah got in the game when she included a Dream Board on her website.

A vision board is a collage encompassing all the things you wish to ‘attract’ into your life. The premise is that what you ‘focus’ on – you will create / attract in your reality. It’s not meant to act as a metaphoric ‘Jeannie in a bottle’… it’s meant to inspire you to engage in activities that lead you in the direction of the goals / vision of your life that you’ve included on your board. What do you want? Go ahead and include the material items you wish to attain. Spell out the words of the attributes you want to grow (i.e., patience, compassion, etc.) What is your dream job? Include a photo of a graduation or a photo of a location where you’d like to vacation. It’s a combination of photographs and words that will inspire you to keep going… to keep working.

A vision board uses the concept of ‘imagery’ to encourage and inspire. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I have encouraged clients to use photographs, cut pics out of magazines, find words that are meaningful, ideas that you want to expand upon. Ultimately, a vision board is a visual representation of where your FOCUS lies. Theoretically, what you focus on is where your energy goes. Why not create a physical representation to remind you what to focus on day by day? It’s easy… think about what you want; where you want to go; and what you want to achieve and …

Create a Vision Board.

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