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Pick up litter

What? Keep reading… I’m not suggesting that you put on an orange vest, grab a pointed stick, and walk down the side of the interstate. My suggestion is much more simple; more basic; and perhaps have more impact than those crews we see walking alongside the roadways. Although, I am grateful for those individuals who volunteer to clean our environment.

This tip for happiness is subtle. It addresses those random pieces of litter we see and think nothing of. It is the random cup left on a park bench; the napkin that blew away; or the bottle top that went rolling.  While I certainly wish that we could all be responsible for our own refuse, I am suggesting that we also individually accept responsibility for properly disposing a piece of trash that was left behind by another.

If we all engaged in this activity once a day – every day of the year – I am certain that the amount of litter we see from day to day would be significantly reduced. Besides, the energy we spend bending over one extra time during the day would be good for us.

At the very least, keeping this suggestion in the forefront of your mind will remind you to toss your own trash appropriately. The ‘happiness’ this suggestion induces may not be immediate and yet I am certain that when there is less clutter, trash, and chaos in our immediate environment, our sense of well-being is increased. So, not only might you be increasing your own internal sense of contentment because you know you are doing something worthwhile but you may inadvertently be increasing mine because the absence of litter reduces my distress. All because you made a decision to…

Pick up Litter.

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