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Look at the stars

As a little girl I would lie awake at night and look out my bedroom window. On a clear night I could see the Milky Way and name most of the constellations in the night sky; at least the ones there before midnight. It was easier from that small northern Pennsylvania town than it has been since near the big cities I’ve lived close to. The light pollution dilutes many of the stars that were once visible to my youthful eyes.

There was great joy in that activity though and it (or at least the memory of it) remains each time I am able to direct my attention to the night sky filled with the sun’s reflection of planets and stars across the galaxy.

When we look, up we cannot dismiss the concept of infinity… we have no choice but to try and absorb the realization of our overall insignificance. We automatically experience wonder and curiosity and imagination. For a brief time – unless we are more scientifically oriented – we may digress into a childlike fascination with the vision.

Take an evening, a clear early summer evening, and sit outside with the intention of identifying as many constellations as you can (a phone app like Star Chart or NASA Sky great for this activity) and identify where you are in terms of the galaxy. Take time to just look… perhaps you’ll see a shooting star – depending on your location – a meteor shower is common in the summer months. If you can bet to a beach and look oceanward… or the mountains – away from any light pollution – the effect is better.  Take the time to consider your position in the universe as a whole.

What thoughts come to mind when you take a good hard …

Look at the stars.

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