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Grow Your Own Food

Tis the season. At least in the northern hemisphere. It’s planting time for much of the backyard gardens that take root each summer. Whether you opt for a fancy raised bed with organic soil, a clay pot with a trellis, experiment with hydroponics, or design an ‘upside down’ garden on your patio… growing something you can eat is highly rewarding.

When we grow our own food, we have to step out of ourselves enough to care for something. Unlike my houseplants which get water when they wilt enough to remind me – growing tomatoes on the deck or sowing a zucchini plant in your Azalea bed and tending to it through the fruit (or vegetable) production stage takes some dedicated attention. Water and sunshine mostly; but the right amounts of both. Otherwise, you get a big plant with no fruit or you get a short burst of fruit production and a quickly decaying plant.

There is no shortage of help on the internet to get you started on the method of choice or the proper way to fertilize and nurture your seedlings. There’s organic instructions and tons of advice on which chemicals will keep the critters away. There’s so much advice in fact, that you just need to pick something and go with it…. Journal your results so you know what to do (or not to do) next year when you try again.

The first time I grew veggies, I threw a packet of cucumber seeds into a raised bed with shrubbery that ran alongside my home. I didn’t do much to it but it must have been beginner’s luck because that darn thing took off. It grew in and out, over and around those shrubs and produced so many cucumbers that I couldn’t give them away fast enough. There were so many that I was inspired to learn how to make pickles (I must have had some spare time on my hands). I made sweet pickles, dill pickles, and sliced pickles, and spear pickles. I gave away pickles for two years.

Since then I stick to food I know we will eat an excess of and as the years go by I find that I am inspired differently from year to year. Sometimes it’s only tomatoes and then I try something new. I’ve come to really enjoy growing fresh herbs and then I dry the excess for home produced herbs that I use most often. That’s easy too! Pick something and give it a try…

Grow Your Own Food

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