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Play an instrument

Are you one of the millions of people who started an instrument as a kid (piano, clarinet, trumpet) and then dropped it like a hot potato when getting better meant practicing all the time? Clearly, a few of us developed into passible musicians – able to tap out a tune here and there – and even fewer became accomplished.

Well, it’s never too late. In fact, it may be easier than ever to get lessons, especially for the piano as the Internet is full of YouTube instructional videos and there are programs/apps that teach step by step.  I imagine there are even digital pianos that have those programs built right into the instrument. A handy headphone port allows for peace and quiet throughout the house while you practice. We aren’t talking Steinway baby grands here but that’s not what beginners start with anyhow.

Maybe the piano isn’t your gig – there’s always the violin, the drums, the flute, or the accordion. An old friend of mine began playing the Bagpipes after watching a parade one New Year’s Day. I’ve seen instruments available at yard sales and pawn shops for pennies on the dollar – sometimes a nice one. There was an old wooden clarinet in a box that I won at auction once… the pads had rotted out and the reeds were too brittle to play but an expert brought that sweet thing up to speed quickly and it had the most beautiful sound. I couldn’t help but wonder if it had crooned through the big band era with the help of an older man who closed his eyes and swayed as he played.

String instruments have always intrigued me. We had a guitar around the house for a long time and I know many people who taught themselves how to play – again, there are thousands of YouTube videos online that will take you step-by-step, chord-by-chord as you learn to maneuver sound from six little strings. Guitars are another thing that are easily and inexpensively acquired to learn… the good stuff becomes your reward after you’ve mastered at least a certain level of skill.

The point is to make music… music makes us happier and making it yourself in a way that sounds appealing can be tremendously satisfying! It’s something you’re never too old to learn. Actually, playing music stimulates a part of the brain that is attributed to intelligence and so it may indeed, keep our mind stimulated and healthy. Decide what you’re curious about and set yourself up a bargain instrument, YouTube, and some patience.

Learn to play an Instrument.

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