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Plant flowers

Here it is June 1st already and many of you have already finished this happiness task. But, if you haven’t – there’s still time! The gigantic flower industry is proof that there is something about the beauty of a flowering plant which adds an element of pleasure and/or downright feelings of happiness in our life.

Enjoying the beauty of flowers all summer long is easily accomplished by planting them. Where do you spend time on a beautiful summer morning? Where do you relax in the soft heat of a summer night? Plant flowers in that space.

Adding color and texture to your entryway is also a great way to feel good about coming home (aside from that beautiful front door that you’ve already painted!) Positioning a few pots so that they can be seen from the inside is a nice way to make sure you enjoy the color no matter where at home you spend time. In addition, a large pot of flowers at your door, bursting with a color that you enjoy will brighten your mood as you return home each and every time!

Planting annuals (flowers that need to be planted every year) is a great way to have constant bloom. Flora in the family of petunias can survive a fair amount of neglect – for those of us who profess our thumbs are blue instead of green. Portulaca is a great option for direct sun and intense heat (think rooftop deck). Begonias and Impatiens add bold and beautiful color to shadier areas (although they need a bit more attention to watering).

Even if you are in an apartment without a deck or outdoor entry – take the time to plant a few pots of colorful annuals to sit beside a window. With just a little imagination and an open window, you can share the experience of enjoying an outdoor space.

Be creative! Over the years I’ve experimented with colors, textures, and varieties. I’ve selected plants with only white blossoms and added greenery like ivy and vinca. I’ve gone for full out color and mixed them all together. My preference tends to lean into pinks and purples with a little orange for a fun burst. I love the anticipation of the growth through the season and watching a planter that starts thin and delicate grow fat and overflowing.

Add a little happy to your summer by…

Planting flowers.

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