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Go to the Library

Do you still have a library card? When was the last time you stepped into that building, filled with rows and rows of actual books?

You don’t have to be an avid reader to enjoy a library. It’s often a great space – library’s smell good. The perfume of paper and bindings is unique and quite distinct. It’s representative somewhat of an era that is almost bygone by some standards. A traditional library typically has some comfy reading spots, quiet corners, and plenty of work room for anyone studying, writing, or researching. It would be sad if we allowed these public spaces to wither away and evaporate from existence from lack of use now that books are electronic and delivered at home the next day.


Libraries are fantastic places for exploring. It’s a physical source for information on just about anything and yes, the same data is available with a few keystrokes online but a real book… holding a book, turning the pages, and perusing the content – literally – has its own appeal.

For kids, libraries are an entirely different type of playground. All the books in a series are typically available. Instead of just one or two Cat-In-The-Hat books… the entire collection is available in a library. Likewise with Llama Llama, Frog & Toad, or Magic Tree House, reading the full anthology is easily achieved when checking books out from the library. Kids get to experiment with stories and authors before committing to big purchases.

I’ve occasionally fallen in love with the way a particular author writes and find that going to a library lets me follow the journey that the writer by reading everything they publish. There are also some books that are enjoyable to read but keeping them forever may be overkill. As an avid reader, I don’t have the space or quite simply, the desire to physically save all the books I’ve ever read. Using the library lets me have the benefit of holding a book, turning its pages, and then trading it for another.

I know, I know… borrowing real books means that you have to return them and in our busy lives, that’s just one extra thing you add to your busy list. More than a few times I accrued a sizable fine for not getting there in a timely fashion but I considered it a donation to a great cause!! I thought of it as my own way to support the library system. In the long run it was still far less expensive than buying all those book. Treat yourself and/or your kids this summer and …

Go to the Library.

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Photo by Maia Habegger on Unsplash

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