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Wipe down your baseboards

I know, this isn’t the most glamorous or fun loving suggestion. It’s likely to conjure images of sweat and wrinkly hands and for some of us… fatigue and back pain. It’s not exactly a recipe for happiness. It is a recipe for satisfaction though and satisfaction is a major component of well-being.

Our baseboards are mostly invisible – perhaps not literally as I’m sure you can take a look right now… down toward the floor, that area that bridges the joining of wall and floor. We rarely think of them and you probably can’t see the whole of them as you look around as furniture and miscellaneous items are surely obstructing part of your view; but the’re there and if your house is like many of ours… they’re dirty – or at the very least… dusty.

Baseboards are a forgotten element for a vast number of people and they can get grungy… perhaps even enough so that the accumulated dust gets stirred up and negatively impacts the air quality in the home. Have you noticed frequent sneezing? A runny nose? Or a tickle in your throat? Grab the vacuum and a bucket of hot soapy water. You may find it more efficient to bribe (I mean hire) short young people for this task. There were years where my children thought it was a fun task because they wore big yellow gloves and rocked out to MTV – which I never let them watch otherwise!

I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you’re sitting on the john and glance down at the sparkling clean woodwork. It may be an unpleasant task but you’ll be completely satisfied after making the decision to …

Wipe down your baseboards.

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