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I know there are adults out there that routinely either roller or ice skate but as a percentage of the population, I believe the number is quite small. As a kid, my favorite Saturday morning past time – right after cartoons – was a walk down to the skating rink so that I could be there right at noon when they opened. It was the reason I babysat – my allowance wasn’t high enough to rent boots, skate, AND have snacks.

Once I was able to drive my wheels – skating took the backseat and eventually, failed to make the ride altogether. I’d like to think it was because as I grew taller, the falls fell harder; but really it was just laziness. It was far easier to drive to a variety of places that I really wanted to go versus moving myself around in circles and breaking a sweat even if we did so to some really groovy music and a huge mirror ball.

Today, inline skaters cruise along boardwalks and streets, roller skating rinks are updated and making a comeback, and ice rinks are a great place to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. Many of us who grew up skating have introduced our kids to the joys we experienced before electronics dominated our time. Skates have transitioned into rather comfortable footwear making tricky footwork even more possible for those tempted to get fancy.

Skating is a great way to burn a few calories, laugh, and perhaps reignite a few of those fun childhood memories. It’s an activity that you might try on one of those days when you “can’t think of anything to do” or when you’re just tired of doing the same old thing. Whether you’re at the beach and trying some outdoor time with inline rentals, taking your children to the local Skatetown Rink, or deciding to glide across ice, it’s great exercise and family time when you get together to …


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