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Clean out your wallet / purse

Purses hold much more than wallets but I’ve seen a few wallets that bulge far beyond their design. For some reason, many of us tend to collect receipts, business cards, reminders, lists, etc… in our wallets. Some of us carry around store loyalty cards for stores that we haven’t visited in years. I recently found a ‘stamp card’ for a local ice cream card that had been closed for longer than I can remember. It was tucked behind another frequent buyer card for a grocery store that I rarely frequent. Both cards were removed and destroyed.

When I was a mom with little kids, my purse was a secondary diaper bag. At any point it contained a pacifier and a package of wipes. Those items may have still been in my purse when my youngest was four because I was famous for neglecting the organization of anything personal. Today, cleaning out my wallet or purse is a weekly event and takes seconds.

Why is this important at all? It’s a tiny thing – literally taking less than 60 seconds when done frequently – that demonstrates a clear ‘personal’ priority. Your wallet and/or purse is something you reach for consistently… potentially several times a day. By taking time to organize and prioritize that thing we constantly have in our presence we feel more in control, more in the know, and aware.

All of those things contribute to overall feelings of well-being. Really… it’s a collection of little things that lead to feeling the big things. This suggestion is simple and yet so effective… find out what happens when you …

Clean out your wallet / purse.

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