#265 of 365 Ways to live Easier, Happier, & More Productive

Sharing a daily life lesson, tip, or hack; the things that make life easier, happier, and more productive. I hope you’ll follow along and find them helpful too.


Do something for 100 days.

Today is the 100th consecutive post for this blog project. Yay for me! I’ve promised 265 more so we’re not even a third of the way in but the accomplishment is that it’s been 100 days! I’ve written one hundred ways to promote happiness, well-being, and production in our lives.

I’m not sure I’ve ever done another thing for such a consistent stretch and this feat feels good. If I’m being honest, there have been days when sitting down with my laptop felt cumbersome, another chore that needed scratched off the list. There were a couple of days that I knew I could not write at all and so I had to prepare in advance and write ahead although I’ve been driven by the goal of posting each day and so the act of making the post was daily.

People have asked me if there really are 365 ways to brighten your day; to increase esteem; promote self care; and/or be more productive. I contend that there are that many ways and so I hope you’ll stay tuned. If you are thinking of something that I haven’t covered, please share in the comments.

Perhaps more importantly, what is something that you can do for 100 consecutive days? Are you thinking about writing, or dieting, or working out? Are you on a journey of gratitude or benevolence? Think about committing to your project, yourself and …

Do something for 100 days.

I love hearing your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments below.


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