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Pick wildflowers

Do you remember the smile on your mother’s face when you presented her with the first Dandelion you ever picked? Do you remember how much fun it was to see the yellow glow of a buttercup under your friends chin? Have you known the delight of watching a stem of Queen Anne’s Lace change colors because you added food coloring to the water it was in? Have you felt the satisfaction of collecting naturally grown flowers from a field or the side of a road?

These are simple joys available to many of us with the simple act of collecting a few wildflowers (or weeds as they might be). It’s an example of one of those childhood activities that promotes innocent delight almost immediately. Flowers grow naturally and spontaneously throughout the world and while their natural beauty is enjoyable, there is something even more special about collecting pieces of it to share indoors. I’m certainly not speaking about digging up a natural landscape and transplanting… only picking a few sprigs of color to surprise a loved one, brighten your own home, or to dry and press as an addition to your memory book.

The flower itself is only part of the experience of course… walking through nature’s beauty is, in and of itself an activity that promotes happiness; being outdoors, moving, and breathing fresh air is good for us all. Enjoying the scenery of blooming flowers – especially entire meadows or a forest undergrowth can be breathtaking and awe inspiring.  

Of course, if you are walking through a nature preserve or another protected property – please be respectful of your surroundings and don’t pick – just enjoy. Additionally, a large bouquet of Goldenrod may not be an appropriate presentation to someone with seasonal allergies. However, a few stems of honeysuckle will make your entire home smell good for a few days and a handful of violets will add a lovely purple splash to your windowsill all week.

Take advantage of a nice day and find a quiet place to take a walk, enjoy the scenery and if appropriate…

Pick wildflowers.

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Photo by Bobby Burch on Unsplash

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