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Follow a Self Care Plan

When a battery runs out of juice, the object that it powers cannot not operate. When a plant doesn’t get watered, it dies. When our automobiles run out of gasoline, they will not move. Quite simply, when something is not cared for, it will not be able to function properly. There is a concrete reason that we adults must place the oxygen masks on our face FIRST and then, our children even though it seems to go against our caregiving nature.

You see, in order for us to function in the world we must have the energy, the stamina, the drive, and the desire … to keep going. It doesn’t matter if our role is motherhood, boss, nurse, postal worker, farmer, delivery driver, or trash collector. Unless we have taken care of ourselves, we are unable to properly serve in the capacities to which we have otherwise committed.

Using this simplistic line of reasoning – self care is not selfish, it is a necessity.

What is self care? It is anything that charges your batteries, waters your soul, gasses your tank, etc.  It could be a bubble bath, reading a book in a hammock, a round of golf, a girls night out, crafting time, veggin’ out for a bit or any similar activity that feels nourishing to YOU. It’s classic ‘me time’.

I’ve heard it argued that cleaning house and pulling weeds are also ‘me time’ for those who absolutely love those activities and/or those whose sense of satisfaction are so high afterwards, they bask in the completed results – so o.k…. It’s not the outlet for my energy but that’s the key behind self care; it personal and unique to each individual. The only requirement is that you establish and…

Follow a self care plan.

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