#258 Repurpose Something

After an hour or so of evoking your creative potential you’ll be ready to hit a yard sale or resale shop to find the pieces you’ll reinvent.

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Repurpose something

Have you caught on to the repurpose craze? Are you a DIY’er that would rather spend $10 and ten hours of your time to create something new-to-you versus buying something brand new from a store?  Repurposing isn’t a new idea, or even something that was emphasized when HGTV made it mainstream.

Most of our grandmothers were queens at repurposing. I don’t think mine ever threw out a plastic bread bag – those were her baggies. She definitely never trashed a Styrofoam tray once butchers began using them – they were her paint trays. Necessity made repurposing a household habit perhaps as many years ago as there have been people on the planet. And yet, the concept has taken on new life and now, it’s not just practicality that serves the idea of repurposing – it’s imagination and art.

Thousands of blogs share creative ideas and tutorials. Pinterest is overflowing with photos of possibilities. Resale shops like ReStore run contests to promote the sale and rehabilitation of donated items. Goodwill sells dresser donations as quickly as they are donated.

Yard sale buyers aren’t antique and flea market dealers any more. A stroll through craft fairs and art shows demonstrates all kinds of people who have taken repurposing to an entirely new level.

This is one of the great uses of sites like Pinterest; gathering ideas and inspiration for projects that you’d like to entertain. After an hour or so of evoking your creative potential you’ll be ready to hit a yard sale or resale shop to find the pieces you’ll reinvent.  Whether it is a piece of art, a conversation piece, or something more practical like shelving or under-the-bed storage… you’ll for sure, experience tremendous satisfaction once you…

Repurpose something.

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Author: ThisIsLeslyn

I am a mental health counselor, a very proud mom of four great people whom I love to pieces and a grateful partner to a perfectly imperfect man who challenged me to be a better me. And, while I haven't always liked the things that life has dished out to me, I am eternally blessed by all its lessons. Sit with me as I learn and share at ThisIsLeslyn.com

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