#256 Spend a Day Nude

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Spend a day nude

The more modest of you may cringe at this idea and yet I am confident that most of you will find it liberating.

There are benefits to living some of your life (or occasionally part of your day at least) in the buff.

Better Skin

This suggestion is especially important for those of you who have skin problems. Clothing can exacerbate many of those issues because fabric can be abrasive and tight enough to compromise circulation. Air freely circulates when we don’t cover our bodies and perspiration evaporates more effectively.

Better Sex

Connecting skin to skin promotes the release of oxytocin – a chemical in our brain that helps us feel good. It’s the love hormone. Just the act of being naked for a prolonged period will entice you to want sex; you’ll feel sexier. Your libido will increase.

Reduce Shame

The more comfortable you become with your body, the better your self-esteem and the more quickly any accumulated / taught shame you may have been taught about your body, will dissipate.

Higher Vitamin D Levels

When you allow ALL your skin to capture sunlight, there is a vast increase in vitamin D absorption. Of course, that’s a happy vitamin. Higher levels of Vitamin D will contribute to higher feels of well-being.

Better Sleep

We all sleep better when we are cooler and so instead of lowering the air temp in your house by cranking up the AC… ditch the jammies and you’ll reduce your body temperature naturally.

These are just a few of the benefits of stripping down to your birthday suit for a bit of time. I’m not suggesting that you join a nudist colony but you may find a week’s vacation on a nude beach gives you the experience and benefits we’re talking about here.

Just one warning… on my first experience at a nude beach I lathered all exposed areas heavily with sunscreen with focus on those places that were not acquainted with sunshine. In all the preparations – I forgot my ears! Blistered earlobes are not any more comfortable than burned butt cheeks so lather freely with a high level sunscreen!

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One thought on “#256 Spend a Day Nude

  1. Great post, Leslyn!

    The benefits you list about going nude are true. One of the benefits you mentioned is sleeping better.
    I know this from experience as my body radiates heat… a lot of heat!! Going to bed nude has helped in that area. One thing my wife and I did our first time going nude for vacation, we rented a houseboat on a large lake and spent 3 beautiful days nude, 24/7. It was a wonderful experience which helped my wife and I to be open to going nude more often.

    Thank you for the insights and the courage to share this kind of challenge with others.

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