#253 Plant a Tree

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Plant a Tree

I can imagine how many of you have already planted a tree in your own yard and I am suggesting that you go ahead and plant another. This one is for no particular reason other than to do something great for the planet. One mature tree can produce enough oxygen for two people to breathe for a solid year.

This year, the maple trees dropped their seeds furiously onto a warm rain soaked ground and I have maple sprouts – everywhere! Seriously… everywhere. I dug up a couple and planted them in spare pots with the intention to care for them with my other seasonal flowers. The ultimate goal of course, is to grow this seedling until its mature enough to be transplanted into its forever spot.

I’m not suggesting that you undertake a maple seedling, but rather pick out a small tree that works with your landscape and give it a home. If you are an urban dweller, perhaps you can donate a tree via One Tree Planted – an organization that engages in reforestation of forested lands; one tree – one dollar. At the very least, your dollar contributes to the production of oxygen for the planet.

If you have the ability to plant a tree on your property, take a photo. For reference, ask one of your to stand next to it – grab a patio chair – or park your car close by. As the years go by, you can snap another photo and notice its growth. There is a deep sense of satisfaction watching a tree mature over time – particularly one that you planted by hand.

Next time you stroll around the yard pay attention to possible areas where you might…

Plant a tree.

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