#245 Go to a Fair

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Go to a Fair

All American

Is there anything more American than a County or State Fair? Similar to a festival in that it brings communities and/or groups together, a county or state fair is designed for the exhibition of animals and events associated with agriculture. This is where you’ll find the Grand Champion Bull and the best tasting jar of bread and butter pickles. These local fairs are a breeding ground for the future of at least one part of our food supply chain. In addition, they are platforms for students and adults across the nation to show off their hard work in textiles, with animals, food, and plants, as well as heritage and crafting projects.

New Stuff

If you are looking for a new hybrid Azalea, chances are you’ll find one at a State Fair. Would you like to motivate your children to take up sewing? A stroll through the textile area will offer a glimpse into the creations of other children in her age group. Do you want to know how to get the best egg production from your Long Island Red rooster? Talk with people who won ribbons in that category. If you’re interested, even the vendors are touting their newest and shinest machinery, gadgets, and electronics to make your endeavors higher producing, more efficient, and/or less costly.


As if all that isn’t enough to entice you, some of the best local food can be found at County Fairs. There is typically a ‘food barn’ where local women have set up a pop up restaurant of sorts – home cooking at it’s finest (at least in some locals), usually to support the community 4-H programs that are represented there. Comfort food like Grandma’s Chicken & Dumplings or Uncle Pete’s Fire Chili (perhaps a Blue Ribbon Winner) are most likely on the menu.


Of course there are rides and games to make the environment charged with excitement and anticipation but maybe the icing on the cake is evening entertainment which, varies of course by location and Fair size. There will likely be tractor pull competitions, demolition derbies, or big ticket concerts most evenings of the fair. Additionally, it’s a common platform for Country music artists early in their career, giving us an early introduction to some great musicians. Typically a fair runs a week, give or take a couple of days.

A simple Google search for county or state fair with the addition of your state identity (i.e., New York county fair schedule) should give you all details so that you can grab the fam and …

Go to a Fair

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Photo by Matthew Miner on Unsplash

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