#244 Rearrange Your Furniture

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Rearrange your furniture

As strange as it sounds, one of my fondest memories as a child was coming home from school to find that my mother had rearranged the furniture yet again. It was a habit of hers and I’m convinced that she had a personal goal of discovering an unlimited number of placement combinations.


Perhaps it was something unexpected that brought delight and pleasure to my young and spontaneous mind. Maybe it was the anticipation of change, something new and novel.  Maybe it’s just as simple as giving an ‘old’ thing new energy. Sometimes, if the only thing we can find to have control of is moving furniture, then it creates an opportunity to empower.

Creative Energy

Rearranging your furniture also allows you to engage your inner creative. It takes imagination to consider how things may appear in another configuration. It employs our capacity to think in spacial terms; recognizing angles, depth, and size.

Feng Shui

When we move into a space we are sometimes in a hurry, not thinking about the best layout and furniture ends up staying in its original location. Other times we replace furniture that may not fit as precisely as its predecessor. And of course there is the consideration of Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of organizing items in our home in such a way as to create good ‘qi’ – meaning good ‘energy’.  Depending on what elements (wealth, health, love) you want to attract or support in you life, you’ll want to place certain pieces of furniture in specific areas of your room. Additionally, getting rid of everything that you don’t love is imperative – even if Great Aunt Ellen gave it to you.

Take a look at the area you are sitting in now… allow yourself to imagine the space a little differently and then…

Rearrange your furniture.

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