#242 Begin Weight Training

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Begin weight training

Truth is, building muscle is good for you. We know working out and aerobic exercise helps us to burn calories, burning at least as many calories as we consume is the way we keep our weight stabilized. The more muscles we have, the more calories we will burn and consequently, we can either eat a little more or loose a little weight.


For women in particular, weight training is beneficial to women. Muscles burn more calories than fat and so our metabolism increases. Strength training helps us gain strength without building large muscles or bulking up. It helps us to build bone also which staves off osteoporosis. Stronger bones and muscles means more stability and flexibility, reducing potential for injuries. Additionally, our posture is better and we significantly reduce our tendency for back pain with a stronger core. All of these result in better mood and quality of life.

Getting Started

Squats, push ups, lunges, and planks are great muscle building exercises. The key is to do sets and build up slowly. Alternating sets and repetitions is one of the primary suggestions of trainers. If you’re unsure where to begin, a trainer is a smart way to get your challenge started. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to what do do for what kind of result. Once you get established in a routine, there are plenty of apps, videos, and TV channels that will help you stay motivated and progressing.

Regardless of your age, there is a workout designed to keep your muscles strong and healthy. All you  have to do is …

Start weight training.

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