#240 Sharpen Your Knives

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Sharpen Your Knives

It’s tomato season here in the mid-Atlantic which means that tomatoes are consumed almost daily in some capacity. Trying to cut through the skin of one with a dull knife is frustrating enough to rile any temper. When attempting to cut paper thin uniform slices, it’s imperative that one has a sharp knife. In fact, a sharp knife in the kitchen is perhaps, one of the most essential utensils. It’s one of those things that we don’t even know we need until we experience the frustration of not being able to cut our food.

Average knives are OK for most of us.

There are thousands of knives on the market, many touting their perceptual ability to sustain a sharp edge. Individual knives can go for hundreds of dollars each but I think the average household has pretty basic cutlery. In my (average) experience, it’s not so much the knives but the ability to sharpen them that counts. Thankfully, these days we don’t have to resort to a whetstone or a honing rod.

Sharpen it.

Electric knife sharpeners are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Keeping one in a kitchen cabinet where it is easily accessible means that if you can’t quite get through that tomato, with just another minute or two you can run your knife across a couple of wheels and get back to slicing. There’s something quite satisfying about being able to go from dull to razor sharp with just a few slides across the sharpener and then the simple success of cutting through your food with ease.

Happiness from the simple things is sometimes quite easy and only a reach away. You can start by making the effort to …

Sharpen your knives.

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