#237 Clean out the Linen Closet

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Clean out the linen closet

Why is it that the linen closet is likely at the bottom of our priority list? Maybe because it rarely gets seen by guests and it often collects those items that don’t tend to make sense anywhere else. Mine stores much more than just linens and the only truly organized ones that I’ve seen are those from emptynesters. Does that mean that having kids in the house prevents an organized linen closet that isn’t a junk magnet? Or perhaps it means that kids universally can’t seem to stack towels and sheets in a straightforward manner. In either case, there’s a chance that yours needs a little attention.

Stored Junk

If I look closely, I believe there is still a SpongeBob pillowcase deep in the bowels of my upstairs linen closet leftover from my son’s bedding ensemble more than 20 years ago. I believe there are water bottles that haven’t been used in ten but made sense to have at one point. These are typical items hiding in the crevices of sheet stacks that are better delegated as drop cloths these days. Some of those I kept only because they made for good Halloween costumes.

Let It Go

Check the top shelves too… that’s where the peach shower curtain from 2003 I thought I’d keep as a backup is hiding along with the bath mats that got replaced a few years later. I’m pretty sure the backing on that mat is now fully dry rotted and will disintegrate as soon as I take it off the shelf. They both have to go. As a rule of thumb – if you haven’t used it in three years – get rid of it. If it’s torn, tattered, or torn, get rid of it. If it’s stained or dingy – get rid of it.

As a side note… most animal shelters will take your tattered towels, sheets, and blankets. Please consider donating them when you…

Clean out the linen closet.

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3 thoughts on “#237 Clean out the Linen Closet

  1. Ooh! I just did this a few weeks before school let out. (They really need to allow photo comments here). I got rid of two bags for donation and one for the humane society of fuzzy blankets and unmatching towels. I keep all my upstairs cleaning bottles and the SpotBot in there and a few paint cans. I actually organized sheets by three sizes and then by fitted and flat and this sounds embarrassing 😂😂😂 It was very weird though because where the time had come to pass on all the bed protectors and such from the potty training days, I could only let go of one pillowcase. I have a huge stack from a million sets over the years so…i guess I’m a pillowcase hoarder now *shrug*! 😂😂😂

    • haha… It’s so satisfying isn’t it??!! I have two… the little one stays neat and the larger one – well, it’s forever on my to-do list and I had hoped that by adding it to my ‘happiness plan’, I will be motivated to get up there and get it taken care of. It’s only July! : )

      • Thats right, there’s plenty of time! 😊 Just open the door one day and start tearing it apart, lol. The huge mess i make while organizing is always motivation to get it finished since I like to block entire hallways and doors with bags and boxes!

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