#236 Mindful Kissing

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Mindful kissing

If you have a significant other or even a special friend, this suggestion can ignite a spark so, reader beware. Mindful kissing is a special kind of kissing… it’s kissing on purpose, with intention, for no other reason than to experience – truly experience – the kiss.

This type of kissing begins with intention. It is a desire to fully engage and participate in the experience of a kiss with particular notice to each and every sensation;

  • Notice the closeness of your partner.
  • Notice the smell of your partner, their skin, their breath, their body perfume.
  • Notice the texture of the lips you are kissing; their temperature.

Slowly inhale and exhale with the focus on the sensations you are experiencing in the kiss itself.

When your focus moves to another part of your body, or somewhere in your mind – bring it back to the kiss.

  • Notice your saliva production and it’s exchange.
  • Notice the desire of your tongue and its movement.
  • Notice the taste that is exchanged in your kiss.
  • Notice the interaction between lips, tongues, and mouths.
  • Notice the as your breath changes; notice your partner’s breath.

Allow the kiss to take time. Be patient while you explore and navigate your partner’s kiss. Be sure to keep your focus there without the distraction of other sensations. Try spending 5 minutes mindfully kissing – only kissing – and if you enjoy the interactions, increase the time with each engagement.

If you want to jump start a little energy in your relationship, this is a great way to get the engines rolling again. One of the key’s is free, easy, and innate for us all…

Mindful kissing.

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