#233 Find a Long Lost Friend

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Find a long lost friend

When you think about your childhood, is there a person – a friend – that you’ve lost touch with? Someone that you’d like to connect with again, if only to know how their life turned out?

The Internet

Once again, the internet makes finding old friends rather easy if you know a full name. Websites such as Google, Facebook, & LinkedIn are great places to start. Women can be more difficult if they’ve married and changed their last name. Likewise, common names such as John Williams or Sara Johnson can be challenging without additional information. The website Classmates.com and those similar charge a small fee but organize names by high schools and graduation years. Some of these sites offer a small period of time where you can use the resources free.


As you think of finding the friend you’ve been thinking of, consider what your expectation is once you find them. Those of us who were besties in high school may not share similar interests once 20 years has past. Will you be disappointed if that person who knew all your secrets no longer enjoys the things you do? Will you feel let down if they aren’t receptive to your inquiry? What if they want to establish a relationship yet you discover you’ve only looking to satisfy a curiosity?


One of the great benefits of connecting with an old buddy is that they share a piece of history with you. Whether it’s a series of adventures in the neighborhood on bicycle, prank phone calls to radio D.J.’s, or late night whispers about the cutest guy in math class… this person from your past knows a part of you that people in your life today may not have any knowledge of. It can be comforting and downright healing to connect with pieces of memory that remind you of good times past and the energy, dreams, and spirit of youth.

Who is it that comes to mind as you think about what it would be like to …

Find a long lost friend.

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