#226 Find Shapes in the Clouds

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Find shapes in the clouds

This may be the epitome of a childhood folly. It’s the thing we did as children with mom that was mostly spontaneous, free of charge, and used complete imagination. We could do it anywhere as long as it was daylight and the sky was filled with clouds.

Everyone wins

It’s a game where there is no right or wrong and everyone is a winner. It’s completely subjective and potentially more fun than charades as our imagination and creativity take root to see faces, animals, and inanimate objects in the vapor swirl collections that dance above our heads. Often, before we can describe our vision in detail an upper level wind moves across the sky to change the configuration completely, forcing us to quickly recalculate the interpretation.


Einstein postulated that “imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the world.” Indeed, stimulating imagination at all ages fosters creativity which, when  used, is a leading characteristic of happy people. As you step outside on the next sunny day where puffy, pillowy clouds dot the sky, take a few minutes to ignite your imagination and…

Find shapes in the clouds.

**Today’s photo – See the ‘heart’ shaped pillow tucked in those clouds??

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