#212 Pick Fruit & Make Jam

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Pick fruit & make jam

Tis the season for all kinds of fresh fruit to ripen in the summer sun. August is peach season in the mid-Atlantic as well as black raspberries, cherries, and some blueberries. Pick your own fruit orchards have become popular in most states for years now and almost any taste you may have can be satisfied straight from the vine.

Pick your own

Whether you pick apples, apricots or peaches from the tree or perhaps berries from a vine, it’s plausible that you bring home more than you can eat. I stopped by a peach orchard once and bought a bushel of peaches only to find out that they were buy one get one free and two were carried to my car! Even if we all had eaten peaches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner could we have made it through two bushels. The only option was to learn how to make jam. It’s happened with strawberries, blackberries, and cherries more than one year in a row.

Making Jam

Making jam is way easier than one may think! It doesn’t have to be the toil and trouble that our mothers encountered; pouring wax over the top of bubbling fruit. I’m offering a basic recipe straight from the manufacturer of Ball jars, the traditional containers for jam. It uses a ‘water bath’ to seal the jars, a simple process of boiling. Traditional Peach Jam

There’s also a procedure that some would believe more simple; freezer jam. It differs from traditional processes because there is no boiling. Instead of keeping jam in the cupboard, you fill containers and keep it in the freezer. The absence of so much ‘cooking’ allows the fruit to retain more of its sweet, fresh flavor. It’s like having sliced fruit on your toast. Peach Freezer Jam

Have fun

This can be a great family activity or a great way to fill a Sunday afternoon. It’s a fantastic way to savor a little but of summer throughout the year and perhaps save a few dollars along the way. From picking the fruit, eating a bit, finding a recipe, and creating the jam – you’ll have fun experimenting. The best benefit of course, is savoring the sweetness of a warm summer day that was captured in the jar when you made the decision to …

Pick fruit and make jam.

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