#211 Dry Your Sheets Outside

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Dry your sheets outside

Smell Sunshine

For much of the population, having a machine available to dry our clothes is something that we take for granted. Few of us hang our clothes on ‘the line’ to dry in the sun and breeze. If you have had this experience, you know that there is a sweet scent of fresh air that permeates the material so that when we come nose to fabric there is no question as to the smell of sunshine.

Line Dry

I know most of us don’t keep a clothes line permanently installed these days but having a line that can be temporarily strung and used once in a while offers us the opportunity to bring a little of the outdoors – inside. Sheets are easy to dry this way because they can be draped over the line – no clothespins needed.

The nose experience

Crawling into bed with sun dried sheets is an experience we should all have at least a few times in our life. It takes clean sheets to an entirely new level and may offer the sense that you are sleeping under the stars – at least as far as your nose is concerned. You may be used to the pleasant aroma of your brand of dryer sheets and yet I’m certain that you’ll fall in love with the fragrance of the sun after you…

Dry your sheets outside.

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Photo by Dmitry Arslanov on Unsplash

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