#205 Take a Hike

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Take a hike

I know many of us take a walk day to day but few of us get out in nature and literally ‘take a hike’ as often as might be enjoyable. What exactly is the difference between a ‘walk’ and a ‘hike’? A hike is generally differentiated by distance; meaning a long way. Theoretically, a long walk could encompass the concept of ‘hike’ but generally it is also referenced as happening in the country or wilderness. Indeed, most of us conjure images of mountains, rivers, trails, and backpacks when we talk about ‘taking a hike’.

Body Benefits

The benefits of ‘hiking’ are similar to many of the other tips that I’ve referenced over the last six months in so much as the overall benefit is an increase in general well-being. Perhaps most prominent is the advantage that the exercise has on our body and spirit. Hiking develops muscle, strengthens our bones, and is overall heart healthy. The time we have to commune with nature is also beneficial as it helps us stay grounded.

Mind Benefits

Escaping suburbia or metropolitan chaos for the peace and quiet of tree studded hillsides allows our mind to settle and tune into the solitude. People who hike have lower rates of depression and anxiety. The choir of natural life creates masterful sonnets designed to touch our soul. For some, it’s a downright spiritual experience.

Be Smart

Walking for long distances is not without risks and so it is necessary to take a smart approach. If you are just getting started – go easy. Train your body to move consistently. Drink plenty of water, wear good shoes, and be prepared for the unexpected. Start locally and move your way up to more advanced trails. If the Appalachain Trail is on your ‘Before You Die’ list, you’ll need to be conditioned. Get off the couch and…

Take a Hike.

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