#198 Visit a Drive In Theater

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Visit a drive in theater

The drive in theater was a staple of my childhood as I know it was for almost all baby-boomers. Seemingly by the 1990’s they dwindled in number and today there are only 336 drive in movie screens in operation in the U.S. And since the summer is drawing to a close, I thought it vital to make the suggesting to bring a little of this evaporating American tradition into your family’s life. Find a theater close to you (link here), pack up some snacks, some bug spray, a few pillows and blankets, put the kids in their P.J.’s, and spend an evening enjoying the nostalgic experience watching a first fun movie.

What’s to Love

There’s so much to love about going to a Drive-in… It’s a fantastic family experience. It’s an opportunity to fill your lungs with fresh evening air, do a little star-gazing, and enjoy a movie. It’s time away from obligations and responsibilities. It’s a chance to mentally escape and be entertained. And finally, it may induce great childhood memories of a more simple era.

Fun for Everyone

Drive-ins are great for restless movie watchers, kids who can’t sit still, and those who want to eat, drink, smoke, and fart their way through the feature. Whether or not you bring lawn chairs to relax in, recline in the bed of a truck or the back of a van, or snuggle in the front seat… watching movies at the drive in is perhaps the most comfortable way for the whole family to experience an outdoor cinema.

Plan It

Be sure to check the link above to see if there is a theater is within a reasonable distance to visit and then make plans to visit before the summer evenings run out. Gather the family  – nieces and nephews if you must – and …

Visit a drive-in theater.

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