#197 Play a Board Game

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Play a Board Game

I know people who get together for the sheer purpose of playing board games on a weekly basis and what they have in common is an ability to have fun! Sure, some people are uber competitive but overall, playing an adult level board game (as opposed to Candyland or Monopoly Jr.).


As a kid, the neighborhood girls had a running Monopoly game going all summer long – so much so that I’m not a huge fan of the game these days but my family members get it out at any large overnight gathering and have somehow – turned it into a drinking game. There’s usually a lot of high-fiving and deep groans as property and money change hands. Fun.

Today’s Games

These days, The Settlers of Catan is a family favorite along with Ticket to Ride – both playable with just three players. They use a fair amount of strategy but luck plays into card draws and dice rolls… disrupting even the best strategic players. For two players, I know people who have a lot of fun with Code Names and the couple of times I’ve played, it was challenging in a thoughtful kind of way.


The first Backgammon board dates back to Persia over 5000 years ago and ever since there is a history of board games in every culture. It seems to satisfy the human need to socialize, strategize, and intellectualize. It teases our desire to be winners and keeps us coming back for a second chance and/or to defend our position as champion; apparently basic elements of the human experience.

What is your go to when you …

Play a board game??

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