#196 Learn a Card Trick

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Learn a Card Trick

Think back to your childhood for just a moment and recall the delight you felt when someone demonstrated something unbelievable. When our mind are ‘tricked’ into thinking one thing when another actually happened via magic or fancy… it is fun. We are often in awe of magic performers and a simple card trick can induce that same kind of feeling.


There is a certain amount of wonder that happens when we can’t figure out the ‘how’ behind something. How does someone know what card we picked? Or what the next card in a pile will be? We are captivated and charmed as these illusions confuse us even though they generally amount to basic mathematics. We are entertained by things we can’t explain and during adulthood, when most things make sense… it’s a break to experience the fun side of ‘not knowing’.

Teach Yourself

Card tricks are great because there are some very simple ones anyone can learn and no matter how silly or cheesy they are, the children in your life will be filled with delight by your ability to ‘trick’ them. Once again I direct you to YouTube where in this video, you will learn five simple tricks sure to tickle the fancy of your youngest fans.

Have Fun

Who doesn’t love a little suspense and fun once in a while? A deck of cards is easy to carry around and you’ll be the best aunt, uncle, grandma, or Pop in the family if you can perform and ultimately… share the skill after you’ve taken some time to…

Learn a card trick.

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