#194 Get New Eye Glasses

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Get New Eye Glasses

Eye glasses are expensive – or at least the lenses are and so they are one of those things that we don’t update as much as perhaps would be good for us. I’ve talked to a number of people through the years that only get ‘new’ glasses when their prescription changes and yet they’ll buy new shoes or new purses for the sole reason that they’ve grown tired of the ones they wear all the time. Eyeglasses are perhaps more important because they sit on your nose most of the time you are awake during each day.


Some people use their glasses as a fashion statement. For those of you who remember Sally Jessy Raphael, you’ll remember her iconic red glass frames; they were her trademark. Drew Carey is another who is easily recognized because of his eyeglasses. Have you thought about making a statement with yours??


If you’re old enough and been wearing glasses long enough, you’ve more than likely collected enough photographs to clearly see a transition of your own style through the years. What’s important to look for is whether or not you’ve been stuck in the same ‘style’. Perhaps it is time to try something new and or just bring your spec look into the 21st century.

Styling Rules

When choosing new glasses you can get daring or different and yet still follow the basic rules that go along with choosing frames. Consider the shape of your face. Someone with a heart shaped face will want a different style than someone with an oval. Also pay attention to skin tone. If you have olive skin you’ll want to pick very different colors than if you have a pasty white complexion.  Perhaps the most important consideration is your personality. What style combo best fits your persona? If you’ve always been conservative, maybe it’s time to pick something a bit more edgy. If you’ve always been edgy, try something classic.

The point is to switch it up a bit and …

Get new eyeglasses

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